Solar Installation

Solar Installation

Solar energy is the latest in green energy and probably one of the most affordable. Since Kelly Electrical Pty Ltd focuses on acquiring the knowledge, skills and expertise of the latest in electrical industry, we are the ones to contact in case you need solar installation for your property in Ascot Vale, Tullamarine, Brighton, Thomastown or any other Melbourne suburb!

Solar Installation - Save Heap Loads on your Energy Expenses

Are you worried about the increasing energy costs? Although getting solar panels installed on your property may seem like a huge expense in the beginning but in the long-term, it is an investment you are sure to enjoy every single day!

It is especially useful if you are operating a retail property or are the owner of a commercial set-up. You can cut down on your business expenses by a huge margin and the money saved can be re-invested in your business or transfer partial benefit to the customers in the shape of reduced product/service prices.

Affordable Solar Installation in Ascot Vale & Tullamarine

For homeowners too, the cost saving benefit is the same. Having solar panels installed on your property is your reduced reliance on an energy provider! No more electricity breakdowns since your property will be solar powered! You will be able to enjoy fault-free electricity throughout the day, every day!

Solar Installation Brighton, Thomastown

By installing solar energy, you raise the value of your property in case you ever plan on re-selling your home or office in Ascot Vale, Tullamarine, Brighton, Thomastown or any other Melbourne suburb. So if you’re thinking about solar installation, you know who to contact! Just give us a call at Kelly Electrical Pty Ltd and we will visit your property for a survey at a time convenient to you!

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